~northwest coast native american indian art Harold Alfred, Kwakwaka'wakw artist from Alert Bay, wedding bands, rings, braclets, Namgis,Kt, gold, sterling silver, jewlery, jewellery, jewelry,  Sun, Moon, Killer Whale, Frog, Cormorant, Owl, Wolf, Eagle, Sisiutl, Salmon, Raven, Salmon, not Salish, Thunderbird, Hawk, Beaver, Heron, Bear, Hummingbird, Tsonoqua, Wild Woman, Bukwus, Dolphin, Loon, not Haida, excusive,  Kwakiut, chief's raven rattle, abalone, birthstones, copper bowls, Bear, Wolf, Loon,
West Coast American Indian Ring, North West, Kwakiutl, Kwakwaka'wakw,
North American Indian Gold Wedding Rings
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14-18 kt
Thunderbird was the most powerful of Supernatural Spirits, wings and eyes flashed thunder and lightening
3/8"  14kt  T h u n d e r b i r d
West Coast Native Gold Ring
W i l l  S h i p  W o r l d w i d e
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