"Whats New" northwest coast native american indian art Harold Alfred, Kwakwaka'wakw artist biography from Alert Bay, Namgis, Stained glass, copper foil, Sun catchers, Panels, Lamps, Sun, Moon, Killer Whale, Frog, spirits, Cormorant, Owl, Sisiutl, Salmon, Raven, masks, Thunderbird, Hawk, John Livingstone, Beaver, Heron, sculpture, spirit, Hummingbird, not Haida, Giclee prints, limited edition, Peace dancers, excusive,  stained glass, totem poles, pole, Kwakiutl, copper, wedding bands, rings, braclets, chief's raven rattle, abalone, birthstones, copper bowls, Bear, Wolf, Loon, Kt, gold, sterling silver, prints, amber, Swan dancer, Kwakwala, mask,carvings, necklaces, pendants, brooches, money clips, cuff links, not Salish, birthstones, rubies, emeralds, diamonds, pearls, custom works, commitment rings, jewlery, jewellery, jewelry,  Eagle, Orca, Tsonoqua, Wild Woman, Bukwus, Dolphin, Loon, excusive, Kolus, coppers, Bumble bee, Soul catcher, Bill Holm, Beau Dick, Wayne Alfred, Bruce Alfred, Tony Hunt, Calvin Hunt, Rande Cook, Klatle Bhi, Susan Point, Robert, Davidson, Andy, Everson, Bill Reid, Corporate Gifts, presentations, awards,

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Sisiutl Double headed Sea Serpent Native American Indian bracelet
Eagle Rattle Northwest Coast Native American Indian Art
~ W i l l  S h i p  W o r l d w i d e ~
Stained Glass Ravens custom work Northwest Coast Native Ameriacan Indian art
Custom Native Stained Glass Artwork
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Wolf Kt/Sterling Ring
Lovebirds Sterling Pendant
14 kt Sun Pendant
Sisiutl cut-out Bracelet
Eagle Rattle
Thunderbird Totem Pole
Ribbon of Hope  Custom Pendant
Native American Indian Art Pacific Northwest Coast
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Hummingbird bracelet with Ruby
Water Dragon
Custom 24 Kt Presentation panel  for Investment Co. in Vancouver
Custom 24 Kt Plated Artwork
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Gold Sun Pendant 18kt Northwest Coast Native American Indian
14kt Sisiutl wedding band, double headed sea serpent
14 Kt Sisiutl Ring
Cancer Ribbon Custom Sterling Pendant Northwest Coast Native Ameraican Indian
Water Dragon Northwest Coast Native American Indian Art
Sun Mask Northwest Coast Native American Indian mask carver
Sun Native Mask
Thunderbird Totem Pole for Sale ~ Northwest Coast Native American Indian Poles
Native American Hummingbird bracelet with Ruby Northwest Coast
Loverbirds Stained Glass
Salmons Pendant
Ravens Stained Glass
Wolf Kt Sterling Wedding Band
Lovebirds Raven & Eagle sterling pendant
14 kt gold custom wedding band North west Coast American Indian native art
14kt Gold Frog with Copper pendant
Beaver sterling pendant NW Alert Bay BC
Frog 14kt pendant
Beaver sterling pendant
Bear/Wolf 14kt wedding band
Raven and Eagle Stained Glass Native lovebirds
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What's New