Rings of the Northwest coast Native American Indian art Harold Alfred, cousin of Corrine Hunt, designer of the Vancouver 2010 Winter Olympic medals, ring, Kwakwaka'wakw artist from Alert Bay, wedding bands, west coast, watchbands, bracelets, necklaces, gold, pendants, brooches, money clips, cuff links, birthstones, rubies, emeralds, diamonds, pearls, custom works, Kt, Debbie Hunt, commitment rings, Namgis,  sterling silver, Canada, Canadian, jewlery, love,  jewellery, jewelry, not Haida, Kwakiut, abalone, birthstones, coppers, Victoria, B.C. British Columbia, Aboriginal, Sun, Moon, Killer Whale, Frog, Cormorant, Owl, Wolf, Eagle, Beau Dick, Orca, Sisiutl, Double headed serpent, Wayne Alfred, Salmon, Raven, Salmon, Thunderbird, Bruce Alfred, Hawk, Beaver, Heron, Bear, Hummingbird, USA, Tsonoqua, Bill Holm, Wild Woman, Bukwus, Devil fish, Halibut, Dolphin, Tony Hunt, Loon, Chief's Raven rattle, Bear, Wolf, Calvin Hunt, Kolus, Loon, Bumblebee, Soul catcher, otter, Rande Cook, octopus, Seal, Sea Lion, Kolus, Qulus,Klatle Bhi, Spirit Bear, Grizzly Bear, Susan Point, Cougar, urchin, friendship, butterfly, Robert Davidson, canoe, paddle, Cormorant, Hox Hox, Bill Reid, Vancouver, Alert Bay,
 Copyright          Harold Alfred   All rights reserved

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Refurbished wedding bands American Indian Aboriginal jewelry aboriginal rings
Custom Pacific North west Coast Native American Indian wedding bands
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