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Agnes Alfred (c. 1890-1992) was one of the last great stroytellers of her generation.
World's tallest totem pole - Alert Bay
Gator Gardens, mystical morning magic
Bruce Alfred with Bent wood box carver
Madam dancer
The adventure continues....canoe outting
Wild Woman Dancer
Face Mountain in the Nimpkish Vallery, Alert Bay, BC
Thundrbird Bear pole by St. Mikes
Barnacles and Kelp at low tide
John's Orca breaking through the ground
360 Kayak Race
Coppers at U'mista Cultural Museum
U'mista Cultural Museum
Candian Fishing Co. Dock
Est 1924 Cormorants - Football
Kwakwaka'wakw singers-the spirit lives on
'Namgis sunset
Chaps float with eagle
Seine fishing sunset
Our future
Totem Pole section 'Namgis cemetary
Misty ferry dock
Tame Hamatsa Dancer at Potlatch
Wind mask carving at U'mista Gift Shop
Young eagle on beach
Totem poles - Namgis burial grounds
Big house at Alert Bay Thunderbird and Tsonoqua (Wild Woman) Native Art
The Rock
'Namgis Vallery across from  Alert Bay
Christ Church Built 1879
U'mista Cultural Museum Alert Bay Kwakiutl
Diane Jacobson's "My Live in a Kwagu'l Big House" next great stroyteller of her generation
Tsonoqua dancer Kwakwaka'wakw dancer
Dusk off Clay Cliff
A l e r t  B a y ,  B. C. ( Home of the Killer Whale)
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Kolus Big House at Alert Bay, B.C. Canada
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